laser rejuvenation

With time and age every person wants to look younger by stopping time and this applies not only to women but also to men. For a long time it was just a dream, but modern medicine and cosmetology can do wonders. A little earlier, in order to look younger, it was necessary to visit a plastic surgeon's desk, but now there is a better way to do laser rejuvenation using fractional photothermolysis (ablation), a technique that really works!

laser skin rejuvenation procedure

The duration of the procedure is 30 minutes

Recommended number of treatments: 2-4

Recovery period: none

non surgical laser rejuvenation procedure

To understand how laser rejuvenation actually works, you must first understand what this process is. In fact, the cosmetology apparatus removes microparticles of tissue by exposure to high temperatures. Also, of the dermis. Such a procedure is suitable for any skin type, regardless of thickness, complexion or sensitivity. That is, rejuvenation can be performed even in the most vulnerable areas, for example, on the face, around the eyes, in the neck, Decollete, hands-on, and so on. The effect of the laser rejuvenation procedure has currently pleased more than one person.

Step by step, the process of laser fractional rejuvenation can be described as follows:

  1. The laser rejuvenation procedure does not require any preliminary preparation, but an experienced cosmetologist may advise you to undergo a number of other procedures at your discretion, this is quite common.
  2. Next, you should prepare a special questionnaire so that the beautician completely eliminates all possible contraindications.
  3. Laser rejuvenation is performed in the prone position, and first of all, the doctor performs a special cleansing of the skin using a special solution.
  4. It should not be forgotten that laser rejuvenation requires the patient to wear special glasses to protect the eyes from the laser flash.
  5. Using a special nozzle on the laser device, the cosmetologist makes two or three passes to those areas of the skin that need rejuvenation.
  6. To complete the procedure, a further cleansing and additional healing gel is also required to be applied to the laser-affected skin.
  7. After an hour and a half, the patient who has undergone the laser rejuvenation procedure can return to their normal life. Applying decorative makeup to the skin of the face and going on business, going to work, or even going on a date or vacation beforeThat would be possible.

True, depending on the sensitivity and skin type, a slight redness can completely disappear in a period of an hour to a day, you should not be afraid of this, as this is a completely natural process. A good specialist will definitelyWill give recommendations on how to take care of the skin after the procedure and completely avoid any discomfort. Doctors recommend taking a full course of laser rejuvenation, which consists of 3-6 sessions with a frequency of 2-4 weeksHuh.

Contraindications to the procedure of laser rejuvenation

Of course, there are also general contraindications when laser rejuvenation is not possible due to a number of local and local problems:

  • increased photosensitivity of the skin;
  • oncological problems of the skin and the whole organism;
  • diabetes
  • any type of autoimmune disease;
  • hemophilia;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • hyperthermic state, that is, elevated body temperature (more than 37 ° C);
  • Mental and psychoemotional problems and epilepsy
  • drug addiction or chronic alcoholism;
  • mechanical damage to the skin, including trauma, and microtrauma;
  • Skin diseases in the area of laser exposure, and so on.

laser rejuvenation price

Everyone who wants to undergo a laser rejuvenation procedure certainly wants to know what it costs, especially in the current, difficult economic conditions. It is possible to adequately answer this question, however, depending on a number of factors. The price varies. For example, by the initial condition of the patient's skin, the area of effect required, the depth of wrinkles, and so on.

Photos "before" and "after"

Photo 1 before and after laser rejuvenationPhoto 2 before and after laser rejuvenation