laser facial rejuvenation

Since time immemorial, women have been trying to prolong youthful and flawless skin using better methods every time. At present, science has advanced as much as possible and new, first methods to eliminate the signs of agingUnknown methods have been discovered. One of these methods is laser facial rejuvenation.

laser facial rejuvenation

The popularity of procedures involving the use of laser is growing rapidly every year. The main factor in this case is the lack of surgical intervention.

Thanks to the presented technology, it is possible to replenish the former elasticity, shine, beauty of the skin, eliminate small and significant wrinkles and make the oval expressive. The principle of operation is based on the operation of a laser beam, the strength of which is applied to the skin of the face. may vary depending on the initial condition.

Such manipulations require a systematic approach, usually the course is made up of three to six procedures, which are performed once a month. The number of procedures is individual and the desired result, as well as the age characteristics of the skinbased on.

With laser skin rejuvenation, you can achieve the following changes:

  • minor wrinkles are completely eliminated;
  • the skin is smoothed, gaining elasticity;
  • the complexion improves, unwanted pigmentation disappears;
  • Dead cells are removed;
  • There is an increase in metabolic processes in the skin.

In addition, after laser intervention, you can notice a general improvement in the skin of the face and the elimination of minor troubles: acne, acne, swelling and bruises, scars and scars under the eyes.

Before and after laser skin rejuvenation

Among the undoubted advantages of this technique are:

  • long-term effects, which can reach up to seven years;
  • There is no risk of infection from non-sterile objects;
  • absence of scars and marks;
  • The recovery period takes a day or is not present at all.

Among other things, such interventions do not have side effects, undesirable effects and are completely safe, taking into account the specific and individual reactions of the body.

Indications and possible restrictions

Laser rejuvenation of the facial skin is a non-invasive method of eliminating unwanted signs of loss of former beauty and skin elasticity, therefore it has gained widespread use.

For example, laser therapy may be used in the following cases:

  1. The appearance of edema under the eyes and overhang of the century.
  2. Dropping the corners of the eyebrows.
  3. Mimic wrinkles of varying degrees.
  4. Unclear outline of the face.
  5. Sagging cheeks, cheekbones, lower face.

But there are situations in view of which it is necessary to refuse to carry out this procedure.

This includes:

  1. Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  2. Inflammatory processes.
  3. Skin diseases.
  4. heart diseases.
  5. chronic disease.
  6. Skin hypersensitivity.
  7. Disorders of the circulatory and immune systems.

In addition, it should be noted that it is not recommended to do laser manipulations in the event of a recent tan and deep peeling of the face. In this case, you should refrain from the procedure for three to four weeks.

How much does this process cost

Before proceeding to consider the immediate cost of this pleasure, it is necessary to study the types of laser exposure.

There are only two of them:

  1. The ablative method, also called laser resurfacing or firing. This method is based on the removal of dead cells from the epidermis, causing the young cells to "open up". This way you can get facial wrinkles, blemishes, small scarsAnd can get rid of other facial problems.
  2. The non-ablative method is based on penetration into the deeper layers of the epidermis, due to which the more significant wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin becomes thicker and more elastic.

Due to the fact that laser therapy consists of several procedures, it has an accumulation effect, that is, with each new time, the result will be better than the previous one.

Therefore, speaking about the price, it is worth taking into account not only the method of execution, but also the number of sessions, which depend on the individual characteristics of the individual.

Modern Fractional Rejuvenation

After some time, the synthesis of collagen and elastin, the important factors that help to make the skin shiny and smooth, ceases to occur in the body. This is due to the fact that the dead cells on the surface of the skin, youthdo not allow the cells to perform the function of synthesis properly, so the cells stop doing their job and go into a state of "sleep".

In order to stimulate and induce cells to function, it is necessary to perform fractional laser facial rejuvenation. Under the action of a laser, the skin cells undergo a thermal attack, causing dead cells that remain in the full function of their counterparts. As a result, the activated cells actively divide and rehabilitate the area burned by the beam.

This process is accompanied by the release of collagen and elastin, due to which a rejuvenating effect is observed.

deep skin laser

Deep facial skin rejuvenation with a laser is a one-course therapy consisting of three to six sessions.

The presented method is used in cases where:

  • has a significant number of holes;
  • Fake wrinkles exist;
  • the skin becomes dull, not elastic, rough;
  • latent face shape.

The procedure is based on the introduction of a laser beam into the deeper layers of the epidermis, without damaging it. The laser has a certain energy, which is aimed at strengthening the collagen fibers, and this is a trigger signal for the production of a new portion of collagenis also.

Due to this, the skin is smoothed, and elasticity is also gained, acne and their scars are eliminated, and the complexion returns to normal. The result of this manipulation lasts about five years.


In connection with the great and growing popularity of laser methods for facial correction, a special massager was invented. The main advantage of this device is that it is always at hand and you can independently choose the right time for the procedure. can.

The principle of operation is based on the same conditions that are used in other laser devices, but in this case, the laser beams are more gentle and do not cause such a significant effect on the cells of the epidermis.

That is why with the help of a massager you can achieve a superficial effect, for more serious results, the intervention of specialists and equipment with greater strength is necessary.