Fractional laser rejuvenation - how to restore youth without a scalpel?

Women wanting to look younger than their passport age are ready to go under the surgeon's knife and perform various painful procedures. And I must say that such methods work and bear fruit, but few people operateHowever, today in the service of female beauty there are technologies that allow you to restore youth and elasticity to the skin without using a scalpel.

Meet - this is fractional laser rejuvenation of the face and body. In addition, in comparison with plastic surgery, this procedure is more effective and safer. Perhaps that is why Hollywood stars have already managed to rate it "excellent", Today photothermolysis is becoming more and more popular due to its affordable price. Any middle-income woman can pay for laser rejuvenation. However, in order to be completely sure of the reliability and safety of the procedure, you need to at leastLess is needed to understand its mechanism of action and what to expect as a result.

Fractional laser skin rejuvenation before and after

What is photothermolysis?

Fractional laser rejuvenation (photothermolysis) is the result of intensive research into the mechanisms of skin cell renewal. The fact is that with age, these cells (as, in fact, many others) cease to bear the load placed upon them orAs a result, the skin appears to lack elastin and collagen, resulting in wrinkling, wrinkling and peeling of the skin. The purpose of photothermolysis is to restore the strength of cells that are not yet dead, to awaken them, encouraging them to work at full force, and simply removing dead "fighters" from the surface of the skin.

So what happens with fractional laser rejuvenation?

  1. Heat shock causes cells to wake up.
  2. Cells that are not able to wake up die and slow down.
  3. Those cells that were in a normal state before fractional laser rejuvenation become even more active, resulting in their division and restoration of microzones damaged by the laser beam.
  4. The laser stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen - substances that are directly responsible for skin youthfulness.

A feature of the laser rejuvenation method (fractional) is that the beam is not directed from one spot, but is divided into several fragments. Thus, it turns out that the damaged microzones are surrounded by healthy cells, and the recovery is much faster. And since the procedure is not associated with the most pleasant sensations, to remove them, an anesthetic gel is applied to the treated area.

Types of partial skin rejuvenation

Depending on the nature and depth of the effect of the laser beam on the skin, different mechanisms of photothermolysis are used. Thus, the woman is offered to choose the most suitable method of rejuvenation.

ablative photothermolysis

Superficial exposure, during which micro-sections of skin are removed, then these areas grow tightly during the treatment. Although the effect of this type of fractional laser rejuvenation will not last long, you will notice positive changes immediately after the first session- The skin will tighten.

Non-ablative Photothermolysis

It has a profound effect on the skin with the aim of stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. In this type of rejuvenation process, the surface layer (microzone) of the skin is damaged by the laser, but the rest of its outer layers remain intact. Because the purpose of the method is to "diffuse" deeper processes. The lifting effect of such a process would last much longer than that achieved by the deflation method.

It would seem that the second type of fractional laser rejuvenation has more advantages, and it is necessary to choose. However, everything is not so simple here, because there are many factors that only a specialist can take into account. And now theyTo achieve the most optimal effect practice a combination of these methods: both a quick lifting effect and stimulation of deep processes.

What to expect from fractional laser rejuvenation?

Of course, the most complete picture can be given to you from the reviews of those who have already performed this procedure. On our part, we can say that laser rejuvenation is relatively painless, fast, does not involve surgical intervention andAs a result, there is a saving of money and time for rehabilitation.

Photothermolysis will save you from such annoying problems as:

  • skin pigmentation, scars, stretch marks and spider veins;
  • enlarged pores;
  • loosening of the skin;
  • wrinkles of different depths, "crow's feet";
  • gray skin;
  • Unclear outline of the face.

Did you recognize your problems on this list? Interestingly, after the first session of Fractional Laser Rejuvenation, you will find that these problems begin to resolve. However, you should not stop at one procedure, it is worth completing the full course to correct the effect, The duration of which will be determined by your doctor.


Often, those who did not achieve the desired effect from the laser rejuvenation procedure did not notice that it has a number of contraindications. Therefore, their negative reviews do not necessarily mean that photothermolysis is not suitable for you. Can be done if a person:

  • the area of irradiation with a laser is inflamed areas of the skin or tumors;
  • have an allergy;
  • Various skin infections, psoriasis has not been treated;
  • Epilepsy.

Naturally, pregnancy and lactation are also among the factors due to which the fractional laser rejuvenation procedure should be abandoned. But, as you can see, there are not many contraindications, but if they are not taken into account, So not only will there not be the expected effect, but very tangible damage can occur. Of course, some problems are noticeable, and the doctor will not allow such a client the procedure, but the specialist cannot know whether a person has epilepsy. Or allergies, and that's where the trouble comes in.

So, you have decided to restore freshness and elasticity to your skin? Fractional laser rejuvenation may be the best option. To do this, you need to contact a reputable salon and consult a specialist to find out whether this method is contraindicated for you. And if at allIf something is in order, then it is to take a course of fractional laser rejuvenation and collect enthusiastic praise!