Experience of use Algonika

Experience using Algonika from Munich to Irma

I always had to work hard. Family and kids needed constant attention. Never had time for me. I took care of my face sometimes.

No strength to live - Ahead of a bleak old age

And somehow I saw my reflection in the mirror -It was so painful, physically painful, that only my eyes remained of my former beauty and youth. Yes, and those who are tired and lethargic. The forces are exhausted, the mood has fallen.

Irma, 37 years old

Lifeline Algonika

I met my old friend by chance. He complained about his problems. He told me about the Algonika face mask how to use and how much to do. At first, I couldn't believe that Anti-aging Marine Collagen Alginate Maskwill help., But I ordered the course and I did not regret it. I did everything strictly according to the instructions. After the first time, I was even more surprised - my face became smooth, velvety. The effect lasted for several hours. Felt like new skin on my face and neck. I started using marine collagen masks from alginate regularly. The experience of a friend was helpful to me, I already knew that at any costWill buy Algonika, because the result is clear.Rejuvenating Marine Collagen Alginate MaskMuch better than surgery.

i love myself again

Then I read a lot about Algonika. I learned that in the late 19th century, E. Stanford, a pharmacist from Great Britain, observed that brown seaweed contained long chains of acids (alginates). The fibers contain hyaluronic acid molecules, which, in turn, adsorb a large amount of water and accelerate ion exchange processes. Calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium acids - derivatives of alginic acid, have a pronounced immunomodulatory effect.

Experience with Algonika Mask

You have no idea how easy it got into my soul. After all, appearance is everything for a woman! My husband loves me, my coworkers look at me with envy. When you are 20-25 years old, you think you will always shine. You pay little attention to care. Nature has given you fair, smooth skinProvided. Lip gloss and go on - conquer the world. Try it

How I used:

  • Be sure to carefully prepare the skin before applying the mass with a cotton pad moistened with water;
  • tried to shake the powder quickly and intensively;
  • I put a thick mask on my face, sometimes I asked my daughter to help me;
  • I kept it on for half an hour, then carefully removed.

no side effects

And yet, such masks are used for any skin type, bringing a positive effect for normal, combination, oily and dry skin. Suitable for any age group. Available in dry powder form, which is diluted with water before use. Everything is very simple. It just want to control yourself.